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Transform Your Kitchen With Beautiful Countertops

Staff | 16 June, 2021

At Eudy’s Cabinets, we pride ourselves on bringing the kitchen dreams of Carolina residents to life!  For the past 50+ years we have immersed ourselves in crafting luxury custom cabinetry that consistently exceeds our clients' expectations. About a decade ago, we saw the need to add a new division to our firm that could focus on kitchen countertops to complement the look and feel of our high-end cabinets. The results speak for themselves in each and every beautiful project we undertake.

Bringing your dream kitchen to life is our passion. The perfect kitchen yields amazing experiences.  It’s where so many memories of quality time spent with friends and family surrounded by delicious food are made. The team at Eudy’s wants you to wake up each morning, walk into your kitchen, be filled with contentment and never want to leave that amazing space. Selecting a luxurious countertop plays a big role in achieving that outcome.

Regardless of your reason for wanting beautiful kitchen counters, you can make a statement with the type of countertop material you choose. When looking at countertops, you should consider your overall vision for your kitchen. Granite counters make a bold and stylish statement, while marble is perfect for an elegant kitchen. Quartz is also a great option for those wanting a more pristine look without sacrificing functionality. At Eudy’s Cabinets, we offer an exquisite selection of materials that include natural and engineered stones, as well as quartz of the highest quality. Our talented designers are at your service, ready to help you plan the layout. Davie Turner, leader of our 3G Granite Division, credits our success to our unique way of cutting our countertops to deliver a seamless product. “Our guys have perfected the art of cutting the countertops to make it look like one piece. We go to great lengths to make it look right.” 

Kitchen countertops make a lasting impression on your guests. According to Jon Smith from, “kitchen countertops often become essential selling points for homes”. 

If you are looking to sell your house, surveys have shown that most buyers gravitate towards homes with an upgraded kitchen. Investing in new kitchen countertops adds overall value in addition to making your home look fresher and more modern. If you are tired of your outdated, worn or boring kitchen countertops, then it is time to call us. Our clients love our one-day installation process that is super convenient and brings your kitchen to life faster. Contact us today for a consultation, schedule a visit to our showroom or start by browsing our portfolio at

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