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Quick Guide: Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas And Cabinet Material Options

Aishwarya Kumar | 13 April, 2021

Outdoor spaces are the best way to unwind yourself from the stress and commotion of the day. Porches, loggia, lanai, patio, form some of the outdoor living spaces of a residential unit. Outdoor kitchen is not a very new concept, and can enhance your gastronomy experience. If you are worried about not being able to install your outdoor kitchen due to availability of big space, don’t be. Strategic layout, right selection of appliances, and optimized usage of space can convert your small outdoor space into a whimsical chef station. Just like when you design your living spaces you choose a theme, and then make all crucial decisions like the tone of the wall, flooring, lighting, furniture, and fabrics keeping the theme pivotal, a similar approach can be adopted while designing your outdoor kitchen. You can go for the modern and contemporary look, explore a bohemian setting, or perhaps a fine Moroccan dining, a suave English ambiance, a bucolic Tuscan arrangement, or a tropical outdoor dining. Once you have pinned down the theme for your outdoor kitchen it will be easier for you to select the materials, type of lighting, flooring pattern and so on. An outdoor kitchen doesn’t necessarily have to be loaded with fancy electric appliances. Especially if you have a small space, try to make a list of basic equipment that you require in your kitchen. With just a sink, cooking platform, gas/electric stove, mini-bar, and a grill you can set up the coziest outdoor kitchen. 

Outdoor Cabinet Materials:

The outdoor kitchen furniture and cabinets can be finished in various materials like concrete, stone, terracotta, reclaimed wood, brick, marine grade polymer and glass depending upon your taste. But besides your aesthetic criteria it is important to check the weather durability of the material.

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Make sure that the material of your choice isn’t very high maintenance unless you can afford it and take appropriate care of it. Secondly you have to ensure that the material is weather resistant and doesn’t lose its functionality in rains.

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Marine Grade Polymer: 

This is a synthetic polymer like plastic. Being marine grade the polymer is very resistant to stain, water and UV rays. UV inhibitors prevent the surface from degrading. It has a long life and low maintenance. Reasonably priced the polymer is also available in multiple colors.

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Stainless steel:

Another weather resistant material for the outdoor kitchen cabinets is stainless steel of grade 304. It’s lustrous finish and metallic texture gives it a neat, clean, contemporary and modern look. It is slightly more pricey when compared to marine grade polymer. Being an alloy S.S is also bug proof.

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Wood is known to render a classic look when used in any space. It does the same for the outdoor kitchen. It gives a rustic old school feeling. But teak is not weather resistant and termite proof, unless of course you get it painted with weather resistant paints and make it bug proof. Which requires extra maintenance costs.

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Stone gives a very natural look to any space. Especially if it is not polished, and arranged in random shapes and sizes. Stone could be a good choice due to it’s high durability, and high aesthetic criteria.

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