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Now Is The Right Time To Update Your Countertops

Staff | 17 September, 2020

Over the past few months, many of us are spending a lot more time in our homes due to the ongoing pandemic. As a result, we’ve become much more aware of all the “flaws” in our homes - the outdated kitchen cabinets, old decor, overcrowded garages, and countertops that should’ve been replaced ages ago. It’s even quite possible you’ve started to plan for a renovation or taken on some DIY projects in your spare time. 

Kitchen and baths have remained a popular remodeling choice and experienced a 40% jump in demand in June. When it comes to the return on investment for home improvement projects, experts have shared that kitchen and bathroom renovations are projects that yield the best return on investment if you ever decide to sell your home. According to Remodeling magazine, kitchens recouped 62.1% and bathrooms 67.2%

We’ve done a lot of work for homeowners just like you who are happy with the cabinets in their home but felt like it was time to upgrade their countertops. To practice social distancing, we encourage clients to provide us with the measurements of the cabinets but if that is not possible, we can go to the job site and measure it ourselves. This helps us to provide you with a quote. Once that’s done, we suggest making an appointment to visit our showroom or work with one of our experienced designers to choose the best materials for your needs and style. Once a final selection is made, our qualified installers will follow through with the installation at your home.

Did you know?

A recent survey by found that more than three-quarters of all U.S homeowners said they had done some type of home improvement during the pandemic and more than three-quarters also said they plan to take on a new project within the next 12 months.

Not only do we have great working relationships with our individual clients but we have valued and maintained the relationship with our home builders over the years. We have been in the cabinet business for over 50 years and in the countertop business for over 10 years. Our countertop installations are superior because our fabricators and installers have many years of experience and we continue to look for ways to improve the installation process through new technology and equipment as it becomes available. 

The bottom line is, this is the time many homeowners are choosing to add value back into their homes. We’re all spending more time at home and we should be as comfortable as possible with what our homes look like. If you’re ready to replace any countertops in your home or you’re looking for trusted countertop installers, Eudy’s Cabinets is the answer. We’re here for all your countertop needs or questions you may have. Give us a call at (704) 888-4454 or click here to visit our site.

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