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New Year, New Look, Better Kitchen!

Staff | 29 December, 2020

If you’re dreaming about new projects you can dive into this new year, a kitchen remodel should be on the top of your list. If properly done, a renovation can create a more attractive and efficient kitchen, as well as raise the resale price of your home. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to kitchen remodels, and even skilled designers and expert do-it-yourselfers can miss important details. We hope these tips can help you create a kitchen that is beautiful, functional and easy to work and live in.

Before you embark on your remodel project, check out some of our remodeling tips:

Start with research

It’s always a good idea to develop a plan and vision for what you want. By visiting kitchen showrooms, home stores or browsing sites on the internet, you can figure out the cost of items, what you need and gather design ideas for your renovation

Do you have space for a kitchen island?

Most kitchens these days have an island. You should keep in mind that an oversized or poorly located island can block traffic and get in the way of your workflow. Allow enough space on all sides of the kitchen island to ensure you can easily open cabinet doors. 

Make it suit your day to day habits

Think about how you move in your kitchen and where you use kitchen items.

Space it out

For counters, you should plan to have at least 36 inches of counter space for food preparation.

For appliances, leave enough floor space in front of them to ensure the doors can be opened and you can still walk in front of them.

Your walkways should have enough room for a smooth traffic flow. There should be at least 42 inches between the counters and the island so people can pass without jamming anyone working at the counters.

Choose Quality

Always go with the best quality materials that you can afford. High-quality cabinets, countertops, and appliances will last much longer than alternatives. This means you won’t have to worry about them giving out on you.

Lighting is important!

Great kitchen lighting not only adds functionality but also beauty to a kitchen.  Lighting is often a detail that is overlooked in kitchen design and this oversight can cause safety and aesthetic issues. Without ample lighting, your kitchen can look very different from what it was intended to and there’s also the fact that kitchens are home to many sharp and hazardous items. It’s important to be able to properly see what you’re doing when preparing food or simply moving around in a kitchen. Lighting fixtures can also act as a functional focal point!  

We want to help you get started!

Our sales reps and designers are here to advise you on developing an efficient floor plan, materials and appliances that can come together to bring your dream kitchen to life. If you need help with tackling your kitchen remodeling project, give us a call at (704) 888-4454 or request a quote here.

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