How It’s Made

Once you have approved the design of your cabinets, the job is laid off and a cut list is generated. The job is now ready to be sent to production.

The production of your cabinets begins in our door department. The framework for each door is cut to size and then assembled along with the door panel. The door is then hand-sanded to ensure a smooth finish.

The next step for your cabinet order is the saw room. Here all of the parts for your cabinet boxes are cut to size and stacked together for assembly. The interior cabinet sides are drilled for adjustable shelves where necessary. All framework for your cabinets is also cut to size and assembled.

Your cabinets are now ready for assembly in our building department. Each job is moved from the saw room to the building department stacked in pieces on a pallet. The builders construct the cabinet boxes and then apply the cabinet frame to the box. Each cabinet is then hand-sanded to ensure a smooth finish.

Once the cabinets have been built and sanded, they are moved to our staging area where they are set up and inspected for quality and accuracy.

Finally it is time to give those cabinets a beautiful finish! Each cabinet, door and drawer front is sent through our finishing department where stains and paints are hand applied on a per job basis by our expert technicians.

Your cabinets are now ready to be delivered and installed in your home for you to enjoy for years to come!

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