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Cabinet Construction 101

Staff | 18 August, 2021

Homeowners desire to share memories of baking and cooking with family and friends, while taking in the view of seamless cabinetry work. The truth is the construction of cabinets could be intimidating, which is why most prefer to wait for the finished product. The way a cabinet is constructed can tremendously add to the overall look and feel of your home, that’s why you should dig into Eudy’s Cabinet Construction recipe and be in the know. 

Eudy’s Cabinets is a name that is synonymous with quality in custom-built cabinetry throughout the Carolinas. Each Eudy’s Custom Cabinet features the best domestic and unique hardwoods for cabinet framework, doors and drawer fronts. Our durable cabinet boxes are constructed of ¾ plywood and cabinet interiors are either UV coated plywood or finished to match the cabinets’ elegance. Every beautiful project we undertake is built specific to your space and household needs and crafted with extreme care and diligence.

Recognizing the various cabinet types, materials and the quality are major factors that contribute to choosing the best cabinets for your home. Eudy’s Cabinets has the best categories for you to choose from. 

  • Our Modified Full Overlay cabinets feature doors and draw fronts that overlap the face frame of the cabinet. It is a door style that leaves a ¼” reveal of the framework around all doors and drawer fronts providing uniformity to the cabinet. Modified Full Overlay is also the most preferred style by most clients.
  • Frameless, also referred to as European-styled, has no face frame.  Many favor this option because of the clean aesthetic it provides, but it doesn’t necessarily speak of modernity. Doors and drawer fronts rest directly across the edges of the cabinet boxes. Doors are hinged onto the sides of the cabinet box. However, there is no reveal between any of the doors and drawer fronts. The construction types carry both aesthetic and functional benefits since frameless cabinets add overall value to the project due to the updated construction method and rising popularity.
  • Square inset construction means that the doors and drawer fronts are flush with the face-frame of the cabinet. Although it is one of the oldest cabinet types, it still makes a great option for modern kitchens. This type of cabinet construction gives a full view of the frame, with only minimal spacing between the doors/drawer fronts and the frame. The hinges are exposed, which contributes to the antique look of the kitchen, but they may also be hidden.

After choosing and approving the design of the cabinet that will enhance your home’s appearance, the blueprint goes to our competent construction team. The framework for each door is cut to size and then assembled along with the door panel. The door is then hand-sanded to ensure a smooth finish. The cabinets move onto our building department where they are assembled and thereafter, sent to the saw room, where the cabinet boxes are constructed and the frames are attached to each of the boxes. Each cabinet is then hand sanded to provide a slick surface. The cabinets are staged in order to ensure quality and precision, followed by a trip to our finishing department where our expert technicians hand apply paints and stains for a beautiful and unique finish. Now your luxurious cabinets are ready to be delivered and installed in your kitchen for you to enjoy in the coming decades!

At Eudy’s Custom Cabinets, we pride our success on providing a personalized touch to every aspect of your cabinet construction needs. Choose the cabinet construction specialists you can rely on to get your vision executed. Our team of experienced designers is at your service, ready to help you create the kitchen of your dreams! Contact us today at (704) 888-4454 to get the ball rolling on your cabinet construction today. 

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