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12 Ways To Add Value To Kitchens

Brian Patrick Flynn | 28 August, 2020

1. Add an Island

If you have space, add a hardworking island or mobile workstation. It's the perfect spot for family cook-off or homework help.

2. Make Sure It's the Right Height

If you're adding an island or breakfast bar, make sure it's the proper height: 36 inches for a countertop and 42 to 46 inches for a breakfast bar. Also, ensure the countertop has a 12-inch overhang so family and friends will be comfortable when seated.

3. Use a Neutral Color Scheme

If you're updating a kitchen in hopes of appealing to prospective buyers, then keep the color scheme classic with neutral hues and timeless finishes on big-ticket items like cabinets, appliances and countertops.

4. Refresh Cabinets


A fresh coat of paint and new hardware in a classic finish can give your kitchen and cabinets an entirely new look. Make sure your cabinets are properly cleaned and sanded prior to painting to ensure a durable finish.

5. Swap Out Lighting

Hang pendants above a breakfast bar or kitchen island for added task lighting. There are lots of stylish, affordable options available. A good rule of thumb for size: The bigger your island, the larger your fixture should be.

6. Update Fixtures

An updated faucet with high-tech features or an integrated sprayer looks good and makes cleaning up after meals a whole lot easier.

7. Add a Splashy Backsplash

Add or replace your existing backsplash. It's a relatively easy and affordable DIY project if you do your homework, especially if you have a small kitchen.

8. Update Finishes

Kitchens work hard, so durable finishes are key. Do your homework to find out if the finishes you love will hold up to your lifestyle. For example, marble looks amazing, but it can stain easily. A messy family may want to opt for a durable quartz or an inexpensive laminate look-alike instead.

9. Do an Appliance Check

Make sure your current appliances are in good working order. If they can't be repaired, then replace them. It'll not only add value but cut down on your day-to-day frustration in the kitchen. Hint: The end of the year is a great time to purchase new appliances at deep discounts.

10. Match Appliances

If your appliances don't match, you don't necessarily have to replace them. You can order new doors or panels for some models at a fraction of the cost.

11. Craft a Seamless Layout

The right configuration can help make even the smallest kitchen work efficiently and comfortably. Leave enough room for cabinet and appliance doors to fully open, and keep the stovetop, sink and refrigerator close to one another for easier food prep and cleanup.

12. Optimize the Pantry

Just because it has a door, that doesn't mean it should be a disaster zone. A well-organized pantry can be a real game-changer for every member of the family.

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